About CiF

About CiF

Company Profile

CiF Lab Solutions is a total solution provider of laboratory products for the education, industrial, healthcare and research markets. Our products include: laboratory casework, workstations, fume hoods, work surfaces and fixtures and accessories.

Mission and Vision

To be the superior manufacturer and provider of workplace solutions for life, learning, and discovery.


On time, on budget and complete. These are words that always get associated with quality.

Commitment to Environment

Looking for environmentally friendly design materials? CiF Lab Solutions can help.


Our “family” believes strongly that all of us have a responsibility to our world community. Being good citizens who exemplify equality, oneness and support of all people is dear to our hearts.

Associations & Memberships

CiF Lab Solutions maintains professional memberships and/or affiliations in many leading industry organizations

Career Opportunities

We are always looking for talented, hard-working professionals!