About CiF


Commitment to the Community

Our “family” believes strongly that all of us have a responsibility to our world community. Being good citizens who exemplify equality, oneness and support of all people is dear to our hearts.

CiF Lab Solutions ownership and its employees promote and support “good citizenship” with contributions to organizations and people who strive for justice and good will toward the needy among us.

Through support of educational institutions, areas hit by natural disasters and needy families during the holidays, the CiF family does its part. Organizations that we support include:

  • World Renew: Serving worldwide as the development, disaster response and justice arm of the Christian Reform Church in North America
  • Christian Reformed World Missions and Inter-Varsity
  • CIVA: Christians in the Visual Arts
  • Salvation Army
  • Various Christian Schools and Colleges
  • Various Rescue Missions
  • Various Church Outreach Programs