Specifying Quality Wood Casework Options: Hardware Selection

What is a drawer slide and how do I choose the right one? A good drawer slide means the difference of years of headaches versus years of convenience. But what goes into a good drawer slide and how do you figure the right one for your need? Here’s a brief guide to help you understand the […]

Specifying Quality Wood Casework Options: Lab Grade Finish

What’s the difference between laboratory grade wood casework and premium grade commercial millwork?  The simple answer is the finish! Esthetically both the laboratory grade wood casework and the premium grade commercial millwork will look and feel the same, but they do not perform the same.  A lab grade finish is formulated and tested to withstand […]

Specifying Quality Wood Casework Options: Veneer Selection and Criteria

Chief amongst the reasons that someone decides to select wood veneer casework for their project’s interiors is the aesthetic beauty that it offers to the workplace environment. Whether a traditional species such as oak or maple are preferred; or if pursuit of an alternative such as birch, walnut, cherry or steamed beach is desired, a […]

Specifying Quality Wood Casework Options: Plywood Core and Substrate Selection

What goes into specifying quality wood casework for your school, college/university or laboratory project? There are several elements that come into play and the majority of those are addressed in Architectural Woodwork Institute AWI, Hardwood Plywood Veneer Association HPVA, and Scientific Equipment Furniture Association SEFA. Items such as plywood and substrate selection, veneer selection, casework […]

Modern Lab Trends for the Present and Future

Creating modern lab spaces that meet present and future research requirements is vitally important for the longevity of any lab space. High School, College/University, and Research and Development labs are all facing the pressure to design spaces that can keep up with all of the emerging trends. Below are some of the key drivers that […]

Bridging Design and STEM Curriculum

Rapidly changing technology and job requirements/positions are influencing how educators are teaching the current generation of learners, and is shaping how students need to prepare for future advancements. Architects, designers and school/ laboratory furniture providers need to understand today’s student and how learning is evolving and growing by incorporating STEM into their designs for education. […]