Elevation Table

Elevation Table

Forward Facing. Multi-Level. Evolutionary Design.

When it comes to designing your STEM/STEAM space it’s important to consider the effects the classroom environment will have on the learning process.  In order to promote project-based collaborative learning and support evolving teaching methods, your environment must be able to adapt to changes quickly and efficiently.  The Elevation Table by CiF makes this possible. With options of wood and metal, the Elevation Table is a perfect fit for any classroom design.


CiF Lab Solution’s Elevation Table is a forward facing, multi-level, ADA compliant table system that takes students from 31” lecture to 37” standing height in seconds with the push of a button.  Having one table system that can accommodate all of your educational needs with ease allows more time for learning and exploration. The days of traditional single-function classroom furniture are declining and in order to keep up with the evolving STEM/STEAM curriculum, classrooms must offer students a range of motion and movement.

Elevation Series

Elevation Series 2

Go from lecture to lab with the push of a button.
Visible Learning
Unobstructed visibility for both instructor and forward-facing students.
Available Options
Wet or dry, wood or metal, phenolic or epoxy.

Elevation Instructor’s Station

Demonstration Table. Ergonomically Designed.

Our boomerang shaped instructor’s station was designed to allow teachers to effortlessly move around their space and perform demonstrations with ease.  Equipped with options for ample storage, plumbing and electrical services, and accessories, allowing instructors to have everything they need within reach.


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