CiF Lab Solutions announces launch of a total CiF branded solution

CiF Lab Solutions announces launch of a total CiF branded solution

Ontario, Canada (April 11th, 2013) CIF Lab Solutions L.P. is pleased to announce the launch of a total CiF branded solution

Having recognized a demand from customers to work with quality organizations that deliver value, a commitment to schedules and complete projects; we are pleased to introduce The CiF “Total Branded
Solution”. Unburdened by convention and an existing line of products, we went back to the drawing board to introduce new and innovative solutions.

CiF – Always True to Your Vision.

The CIF Lab Solutions product line now includes:

  • Fume Hoods
  • Adaptable Table Systems
  • Metal Laboratory Casework
  • Stainless Steel Laboratory Casework
  • Wood Laboratory Casework
  • Plastic Laminate Laboratory Casework

More than a strategic alliance between companies, the common ownership of CiF Lab Solutions, Case System/BOSTONtec and Northeast Interior Systems bring a total and complete product and service
solution to the market place. By combining the strengths of each organization, CiF has developed truly unique products for the laboratory furniture industry. Our “Executive Product Committee” brings together key members from each organization to direct our efforts at promoting a seamless product offering through…

  • Product Expertise
  • Comprehensive Project Management
  • Value and Quality

We are extremely excited and pleased to introduce you to our new product line up;

APEX-air™ Fume Hoods
With our OEM partner, who has been an innovator in the fume hood market for over 50 years, we have developed a comprehensive line of fume hoods called APEX-air™. The APEX-air™ line of fume hoods
was developed understanding that safety comes first! Details, such as flat front posts with rounded corners streamline the air flow pattern, reducing turbulence and improving fume hood containment. Offered in three series and with various models, targeting specific teaching or research disciplines, the APEX-air™ fume hoods are the perfect choice for your next laboratory project.

Adaptable Table Systems:
When it comes to height adjustable, adaptable workstations, BOSTONtec® is a pioneer in the industry. Incorporating the existing BOSTONtec® line of workstations and our newly developed four-legged height-adjustable “Edison style” table system, CiF will offer one of the most comprehensive lines of adaptable table systems in our industry. The CiF line of adaptable workstations will incorporate a similar look and feel over the entire line of tables and integrate seamlessly with all of CiF’s institutional casework offerings. CiF will offer a full array of adaptable table systems, from manual to electric height adjustability. Our tables are designed to meet the demands of the modern lab environment.

Metal Laboratory Casework:
Our metal casework line is designed to meet the most demanding of specifications. Robust construction, quality hardware and exceptional fit and finish make our S-line Series of metal casework a true value. We offer many features, including full extension slides, removable backs and removable bottoms as standard construction. Our metal casework is available with inset overlay, flush overlay or flush overlay with wood fronts.

Stainless Steel Laboratory Casework:
CiF offers a full complement of standard or custom stainless steel countertops and cabinets for any application. Whether it is a handful of specialty cabinets to complete an installation or a complete lab envelope, CiF’s high quality stainless steel will be a perfect addition to your project.

Wood Laboratory Casework:
For more than 44 years the CiF name has been synonymous with quality wood laboratory casework. Our laboratory casework boasts a fit and finish that is unparalleled in our industry. We have consistently
built a reputation on quality products and superior service. High-end veneers, premium grade construction and our custom capabilities are just a few reasons why CiF is a favorite with architects and lab planners.

Plastic Laminate Laboratory Casework:
In addition to our history in premium wood casework, CiF has a similar track record with plastic laminate casework. Our solutions are ideal for primary education, healthcare and laboratory settings. Quality materials and construction methods ensure years of trouble free use.

CiF has always been dedicated to excellence in the laboratory casework market and with the launch of our new product lines, we will continue in our tradition of quality products and superior service.

CiF – Always True to Your Vision.
For More Information
If interested in learning more about CiF Lab Solutions, or the “total branded” launch, please contact Vince Occhipinti (National Sales Manager) at 905-738-5821 Ext: 243 or