CiF Lab Solutions Introduces New Product Data Sheets

CiF Lab Solutions Introduces New Product Data Sheets

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September 27, 2016

CiF Lab Solutions L.P. is pleased to announce the launch of new Product Data Sheets. Recognizing the demand from our customers to provide complete guides that communicate construction methods and material selections for our products, we have developed Product Data Sheets. These guides were created to highlight features, technical specs and general information pertaining to the specific product offering. CiF Lab Solutions has developed truly unique line of products for the laboratory furniture industry. One of our goals is to present precise and informative product information that will assist in the design/product selection process.

They make a great tool for presenting a product line to a customer, being included in a substitution request, being an insert with a customer proposal or as a part of a submittal package.

Product Data Sheets have been created for all of the following products:

Printable electronic PDF versions can be found on our website within the Products tab under their designated product name. In addition you can find all of the Product Data Sheets listed in one location within the Knowledge Center tab under Literature click here: Product Data Sheets