Laboratory Work Station

Features and Benefits:
The Laboratory Work Station frames are designed to maximize your lab capabilities with horizontal service distribution. These workstations are used in conjunction with overhead service distribution systems (Wing® and Skycap®) keeping water, gas, power, vacuum, data and communication all within easy reach. Using horizontal table manifolds in conjunction with horizontal overhead service distribution systems gives you “plug and play” flexibility. For electric height-adjustable workstations, a quiet 24-volt linear actuator drive system is used.

The uprights are deck-mounted and move in unison with the work surface which is electric height-adjustable with the push of a button. This workstation system has two upright options including aluminum infinitely adjustable (36- or 42-inch height uprights) and steel slotted adjustable (36- or 48-inch height uprights) in nominal 1-inch increments. When ordering workstations with a width over 48-inches, order the uprights that include a center upright. Accessories and brackets will vary based on your upright selection.

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