Summit Series Tables

Features and Benefits:
The dual-drive Summit Series® frames are designed to meet flexible and adaptable workstation requirements for vertical service distribution. The uprights are stationary full-height vertical uprights that allow the work surface to adjust independently from the shelving. The slotted uprights are integral to the Summit Series® frame and act as a service chase for air, vacuum and gas. Each upright is designed with three stitched holes to accommodate services for quick and easy connection to overhead ceiling service panels. If you don’t order a CiF Lab Solutions work surface, you must order the wire management kit found at the end of this section. A variety of optional accessories and capabilities are shown on the concept drawing below.

The Summit Series® workstations are available with leveler glides, swivel casters, medium-duty leveling casters, and heavy-duty leveling casters. The detail found on each page in this section is specific to the foot type you select. To change the height of the work surface, a quiet 24-volt linear actuator drive system is used. The work surface adjusts at the push of a button.

Tech Center Series Tables