Apex Air HP Series

Apex Air HP Series cabinet image with specification table

Standard Features and Benefits:

  • UL listed, white fiberglass reinforced thermoset polyester interior lining
  • Gasketed interior access panels for easy access to utility lines
  • Durable, painted slim line lower airfoil / containment trough
  • Full view combination laminated safety glass sash with round aluminum extruded handle
  • Keyed sash stop
  • Flat front posts and radiused for smooth airflow entry into the hood
  • Fixture holes on posts and interior lining are punched only for the fixtures specified
  • Proper air balance with a fixed, non-adjustable baffle system
  • Industry standard, T8 fluorescent light fixture, sealed from interior with laminated safety glass
  • Round type 304 stainless steel duct collar
  • Rigid and corrosion resistant PVC sash guides
  • Chain and sprocket sash counter balance system
  • 27 1/2-inch sash opening
  • 35-inch window height for full viewing of the hood interior
  • Reduction in required lab space with a 35 1/4- inch hood depth and designed for use with a (29-inch deep cabinet face)

Optional Features:

  • PVC, Polypropylene, Type 304 applied stainless steel and Type 316 applied stainless steel interior lining
  • Type 316, stainless steel duct collar
  • Stainless steel, type 304 or 316, lower airfoil / containment trough
  • Stainless steel, type 304 or 316, sash guides
  • Full view vertical sash with round extruded aluminum handle
  • Reliable cable and pulley counter balance system
  • Alarms, plumbing and electrical fixtures
  • Explosion proof lights and outlets