High Performance Fume Hoods

Secure Containment. Energy Efficient. Ergonomically Designed.

As a Tier One Lab Environments strategic alliance member, CiF Lab Solutions is proud to represent Bedcolab’s line of high performance chemical and teaching fume hoods. With over 30 years of fume hood manufacturing experience, Bedcolab’s hoods incorporate containment safety, energy efficiency, space utilization, and user ergonomics.

Each unique style of fume hood is factory tested to ASHRAE-110, ensuring that each hood meets or exceeds the recognized industry standards for safety and efficiency. In addition, Bedcolab’s hoods meet the requirements of widely accepted product standards set by UL and CSA.


Fume Hood Lineup.

Vanguard: Bench, floor mounted, ADA, and so much more.

Vision: Single and double-sided bench mounted teaching hood options.



Vanguard Bench Mounted Hood
Ultimate combination of performance, containment safety, energy efficiency and space utilization.
Vanguard Floor Mounted Hood
Accommodates laboratory procedures that require over-sized equipment or maximum working height.
Vision Teaching Hood
Designed for educational requirements allowing the view of science being conducted inside the hoods from any vantage point.

*ASHRAE- Successfully tests per 110 protocol 

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