M-Line Series Premium Wood Casework

Premium reveal overlay MDF casework that offers an alternative “green friendly” approach to construction. This casework is a wonderful alternative that does not require the use of expensive veneers, plastic laminate materials or painted metal.

Medium Density Fiber board is a listed AWI Premium substrate that can be finished “raw” to provide a stained or painted aesthetic. The result is a unique installation that incorporates the construction methods called out in AWI, but is engineered and fabricated with a cost savings that can be beneficial for any institutional project.

M-Line Series Premium Wood Casework with labels



SEFA (Scientific Equipment Furniture Association)…as a SEFA member, CiF builds their standard cabinets in compliance with all SEFA requirements.


AWI and AWI Premium construction guidelines and materials are referenced and followed (with your project specification requirements given priority) in casework construction at CiF Lab Solutions.

FSC and NAUF materials are available to assist in meeting your project’s environmental objectives.