Calhoun Community College

Project Overview

Location: Huntsville, Alabama
  • Project Size: 90,000 Sq. Ft.
  • Total Construction Budget: $21.5 Million
  • CiF Contract: $ $350,000
Project Delivery Team:
  • Laboratory Partners: HKS
  • Dealer Partner: RPA

Project Summary

Calhoun Community College welcomes a new three-story 90,000 sq. ft. facility that will house Math, Science and Computer Science at the Huntsville Campus. This new cutting-edge focal point for the College incorporates both modern and traditional features into its design and layout. The building houses faculty offices, collaborative work spaces, and classrooms. CiF manufactured fixed laboratory islands featuring vertical grain matched red oak storage solutions, In addition to fabricating custom red oak stained hexagonal laboratory tables connected by sinks with dual faucets. The laboratory casework for Calhoun Community College provides exceptional functionality and long-term durability for the students and faculty members. The choice of materials, finish, and hardware reflects a more relaxed design while still remaining professional.